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Best Low-Flow Toilet

Best Low-Flow Toilet In The Market

Kohler Santa Rosa

The Kohler Santa Rosa toilet was designed to be the ultimate space-saving, high efficiency toilet on the market. It has a contemporary one-piece design and it is compact enough to fit into any bathroom. It features a unique flush engine, the Aqua Piston. This flush engine makes it possible for water to flow into the bowl from all 360 degrees at the same time. This provides a powerful, fast flush that does not promote clogging.

The Santa Rosa uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush. The company states that the Santa Rosa will save you over 16,500 more gallons of water per year than a tradition 3.5 gallon toilet would; yet they promise not to sacrifice performance. Visit here


• Comes in different colors you can choose from

• It features a small footprint so it can easily be installed in a small area

• It has an elongated bowl for increased comfort

• It sits high enough to make standing and sitting more comfortable for most people

• The tank and bowl are combined into a convenient one-piece design

• It is easy to clean because it has a limited amount of seams and creases


•The flush is not quiet

•The toilet does not ship with a soft close seat. You will need to order and install one if you want to add it

•The unique base design and the height of the fixtures on the unit may require you to fix flooring or extend hookups before this toilet can be installed

•Customers complain that this model often runs and leaks water when it is not being used

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