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Toilet Brush Reviews&Buying Guide

Things to consider when buy

The cleaning and maintenance of a bathroom, especially a toilet, requires a lot of time, dedication and effort. And people hate doing it because it consumes a lot of time. And well, let's be honest, it's a pretty rude job, especially if you're not the only one who uses that bathroom.

However, with the help of the special brushes for cleaning toilets that we have listed above, you can make this task easier and faster. All stains and splashes can be easily removed with just a little scrubbing and you will have a toilet like new. But what makes a toilet brush capable of performing its task efficiently? Well, there are many factors that contribute to a brush grow, so all must be taken into account when making this purchase.


Design is the most important feature in a toilet brush. The design may make work easier or a total nightmare for you. An ideal design must be able to reach each and every one of the hidden parts of the toilet bowl so that it rubs well.

The design must also be aesthetically pleasing. It is not that it is a kind of centerpiece or people like to look at it in any way. But, at the very least, a good and orderly design will not disgust you while you look at it when you're just idle in the bathroom.

Therefore, try to find an elegant design, with style, with a cover, and that adapts well to the color combination of your bathroom, like the OXO up there. On the other hand, if you opt for a brush that does not come with a container and is not physically attractive, it will ruin the whole aspect of your bathroom. And who wants that?

Construction quality

The built quality of the brush is as important as its design, or it can be a little more. A good cleaning brush should be well constructed with a sturdy and rugged design. The brush angles should be such that they can easily reach the hidden corners of the toilet seat without any problem.

In addition, the weight and handle of the brush should also be ideal so you can easily hold it. And it should provide an ergonomic grip and should not feel slippery on the hand. In addition, the handle should be elegant and well contoured because the thick handles make efficient brush handling difficult.

The brush bristles must also be of good quality. They should be able to withstand rubbing and rubbing frequently without losing the shape or strength of their fibers. And finally, a cleaning brush for toilets should have a compact design that does not take up too much space in the bathroom.

Cleaning capacity

Let's move now towards the real work of the tool, which is the degree of cleanliness that it provides. And it goes without saying that it is one of the main decisive factors; in fact, the most important. The brush should be efficient enough to provide deep cleaning of your toilet without taking too much time.

However, to maintain the best performance of the brush for an extended period of time, you must keep it clean and safe so that it does not continue to spread odor or bacteria throughout the bathroom.

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