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Toto Toilet Reviews

TOTO MS604114CEFG # 01 Ultramax II double cyclone toilet

The fact that our peak elevation, the double cyclone toilet TOTO MS604114CEFG # 01 Ultramax II, has been coated with Sanagloss coating makes it very durable and also makes it scratch-free like a Toto toilet. It consumes very little water in each washing action at only 4.8 liters per discharge or equivalent to 1.28 gallons per download and is also approved by WaterSense in terms of its saving capacity and ecological characteristics. The style of this Toto toilet is an elongated bowl, so it will suit anyone who is used to elongated bowl styles.

The tank has a size of 28 by 16, so it has a height of comfort that will undoubtedly satisfy your comfort needs and the seat has a good height of 17 inches so that the elderly can benefit from its sufficient height. The discharge does not emit much noise compared to the standard and regular toilets available in the market today and the discharge technology used in this Toto toilet is the double cyclone technology which also makes the discharge power very efficient without the excessive noise and water consumption.

The universal height also contributes to your comfort height and the Sanagloss coating will definitely increase its durability and also helps to efficiently clean your Toto toilet with every discharge you make using the iron barrier glazing material. Meets the ADA specifications with respect to the feature and comfort height specifications.

The enamel caused by Sanagloss technology prevents bacteria, mold, debris and other viruses from entering your toilet without compromising the appearance of your toilet. In addition, durability is added to your vitreous material from China to make your Top rated Toto toilet stay for life. Also included is a soft-closing toilet seat cover to eliminate the impact incident from the toilet seat. The plastic material is made with high impact properties and all you need to do to clean the Sanagloss glazing is any disinfectant or light soap. You can also take a lot of different commercial cleaning agents and chemicals with their high strength. It is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

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